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Justin Pritchard Justin Pritchard wrote on March 2, 2023
I look forward to coming to the next family reunion and getting the chance to meet everyone. It will be myself, my wife (Tiffany Pritchard), and our two daughters Madilyn and Vivian.
Ann M Glaser Ann M Glaser wrote on July 1, 2022
Adding 5 more adults and 5 kids to the Glaser party!!
Mary I Glaser Mary I Glaser wrote on June 20, 2022
Currently for Glaser's the county is 7. looking forward to seeing everyone Mary Itene
Katie Pritchard Pilcher Katie Pritchard Pilcher wrote on June 15, 2022
I'm so sad we can't make it this year! It's just been a rough year and taking care of mom, etc. We will be thinking of you all and raising a glass. And Dad will be keeping an eye on all the shenanigans from Heaven. <3
John and Syndi Pritchard John and Syndi Pritchard wrote on June 8, 2022
We would like to add Jim and Petra Schmidt and Leona Schmidt as well. Jenn's busy prepping for the baby's arrival so they can't come but will be there in spirit and hopefully Ryan and Christine will come to the next one when they're back in the states!!!
Margaret McCoy Margaret McCoy wrote on June 8, 2022
Hi family, Right now it looks like my daughter Colleen and bringing Gerard and Kathy are coming to the the reunion. I have stated before, I will bring all paper products and serving utinsels . Also , baked beans. Will be there for Saturday night and for Coffee etc. on Sunday morning. Looking forward to seeing every body , its been too long. Margaret Ann McCoy ( Pritchard)
Dolores Pritchard-Waters Dolores Pritchard-Waters wrote on July 27, 2018
got a call today telling me that Dolores and Charlie are coming and she will be bringing Cole Slaw and rice Krispie bars for the dinner at the park. Anyone else not signed in? Margaret Ann
Jeff and Janelle Jeff and Janelle wrote on July 25, 2018
Will be two for the park supper. See you all soon!
John and Syndi Pritchard John and Syndi Pritchard wrote on July 21, 2018
John and Syndi will be there and will bring pistachio salad. Looking forward to seeing everyone!!!! Let us know if there's anything else we can bring.
Connor, Alex, and girls Connor, Alex, and girls wrote on July 16, 2018
All 4 of us will be there for the entire weekend! So excited to see everyone!
Diane Pritchard Diane Pritchard wrote on July 8, 2018
We won't be able to attend but we look forward to seeing a lot of you just a couple of weeks later!
Bill and Denise Spelic Bill and Denise Spelic wrote on July 7, 2018
There will be 6 in our group. I will bring a dessert.
Annette Pritchard Annette Pritchard wrote on July 7, 2018
There will be 6 from my family. I will bring cheesy hash browns. Lori will bring the 2018 koozies!
Don and Deb Pritchard Don and Deb Pritchard wrote on July 7, 2018
There will be 3-5 attending the reunion.
Margaret Ann McCoy Margaret Ann McCoy wrote on February 26, 2018
There will be 8 coming from my family this year as our youngest daughter Sheila and Tom ( her friend) will be joining us. Bernie, Margaret Ann, Dennis, Colleen, Scott and Kelly. Sheila hopes since she has nevere made it back to a reunion that she sees a lot of relatives. %u200BI will be bringing beans for everyone again, and all the plates and eating utinsils. Let me know what other help you need. Margaret Ann
Jane Glaser Jane Glaser wrote on August 7, 2016
Please add 3-4 perople to our list. Ann's sons Sam and Aaron and Toree (Aaron's soon to be wife) are also attending. Thanks. We are bring salads.
Jane Glaser Jane Glaser wrote on August 6, 2016
There will be 5 in our party from Irene's family. We will bring salad for the Saturday dinner. And probably 4 will attend Mass and lunch on Sunday.
Colleen McCoy LeVier Colleen McCoy LeVier wrote on August 3, 2016
will be bringing the hamb. buns for Saturday night and dessert.
Denise spelic Denise spelic wrote on July 31, 2016
We will have 7 Spelic\'s at reunion. Attending Saturday evening and Sunday. Will bring tomato basil dish, watermelon and some dessert for Saturday potluck. See you soon!
John and Syndi Pritchard John and Syndi Pritchard wrote on July 25, 2016
John and Syndi from Colorado will be attending the reunion in addition to the mass and lunch on Sunday. Leona Schmidt will be at the Saturday night picnic but I don't believe she'll attend the Sunday lunch. Planning on bringing pistachio salad and backup paper/plastic ware. Can't wait to see everyone!!